The Gulf Breeze Optimist Club sponsors the largest number of Jr. Optimist Clubs in the state. Located in elementary, middle and high schools, Jr. Optimist clubs provide opportunities for students to participate in community service activities, and to develop leadership abilities in preparation for responsible roles in society. Contact Pete DellaRatta at dellarattap@bellsouth.net for elementary and middle school. For Gulf Breeze High School contact Stephanie Duffy at duffys@santarosa.k12.Fl.us. For Oriole Beach Elementary, contact Ashley Riley via email at RileyA@santarosa.k12.Fl.us

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Jr. Optimists of all ages support the local community. Left: Oriole Beach Elementary School Junior Optimists sold Valentine Candy Grams to raise $2000 for the Navarre Beach Conservation Center. The club has a roster fo 100 members. Right: Gulf Breeze High School Optimists promote their own projects as well as assisting the Gulf Breeze Optimist Club.